1. promote We want to promote the area and make it attractive to tourists

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Название1. promote We want to promote the area and make it attractive to tourists
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1. promote We want to promote the area and make it attractive to tourists.

2. bagpipes They even had a bagpipe player at their wedding!

3. disembark Will passengers kindly disembark from the rear of the ship.

4. construction When we got to the hotel, it was still under construction.

5. glimpse I glimpsed a fox in the woods, but then it was gone.

6. whiz Martin whizzed by us on his bicycle.

7. state-of-the-art State-of-the-art equipment.

8. trek We wanted to go trekking in the Himalayas.

9. epic They organised a banquet of epic proportions.

10. stopover We had a two-day stopover in Hong Kong before flying on to Peking.

11. remote The cottage was in a remote part of the country.

12. take in This price takes in the cost of all the accommodation and food.

13. figure Tales of the Green Man figure prominently in old British literature.

14. prominent He is a prominent Russian scientist.

15. sumptuous They provided a sumptuous banquet in our honour.

16. en route En route to the island, we passed a school of dolphins.

17. spacious A spacious, comfortably furnished living room.

18. revolve The Earth revolves around the Sun.

19. glacier Mammoth bones were found at the base of the glacier.

20. peak K2 is the world's highest peak.

21. moorland She lives in a cottage on the moorland.

22. fjord We were amazed by the spectacular beauty of the fjords when we went to Norway.

23. picturesque We drove through several picturesque villages.

24. roam We saw herds of wild deer roaming freely over the hills.

25. scenic Let's take the scenic route home.

26. reservation I made a reservation for a double room.

27. daunting Crossing the river was a daunting task, but we knew we had to do it.

28. feasible Your plan is not economically feasible.

29. tailor-made The job's tailor-made for John.

30. put together It took all morning to put the proposal together.

31. ruin An interesting old ruin.

32. bustling We tried to find a table in the bustling nightclub.

33. massive The bell is massive, weighing over 40 tons.

34. accessible The cove is only accessible by boat.

35. host Greece is to host the 2004 Olympics.

36. province Sichuan is China's most populous province.

37. escort The Queen was escorted round the factory by two of the managers.

38. fit (sb/sth) out The cabins had been fitted out with pine furniture.

39. rate She is generally rated as one of the best modern poets.

40. elusive Jones was an elusive man who was never in his office.

41. the interior The interior is mainly desert.

42. come to a halt The whole peace process seems to have come to a halt.

43. immense An immense amount of money and time has been put into finding a cure. propose Sean proposed to me only six months after we met.

44. pros and cons The pros and cons of owning your own home.

45. stoppage There were a number of stoppages during the match due to injury.

46. mill around Crowds of students were milling around in the street.

47. vivid She gave us a vivid account of their journey across the desert.

48. brochure We looked at the glossy holiday brochure.

49. broad She has a very broad range of interests.

50. whirlwind I had such a whirlwind of emotions, that I just didn't know what to do.

51. festivities The festivities started with a procession through the town.

52. be in store No matter what plans you make, you never know what is in store for you.

53. zoom Belinda zoomed past on her bike.

54. whoosh The arrow whooshed past my ear.

55. peril Let's say a prayer for those in peril on the sea.

56. spiralling We walked up some spiraling steps to the top of the tower.

57. glow We saw a lamp glowing in the garden.

58. shimmering We all wondered at the shimmering surface of the lake in the moonlight.

59. glimmering A glimmering light at the end of the hall.

60. Debate There has been fierce debate on the issue of abortion.

61. correspondingly Her report was not very good, and she had a correspondingly low opinion of herself.

62. inevitable It seems inevitable that Brazil will win the world cup.

63. entire We spent the entire afternoon gossiping.

64. mean Stealing her doll was a mean thing to do.

65. self-centred He is so self-centred that he only talks about himself.

66. self-righteous That's the most unfair, self-righteous statement I've ever heard!

67. sponsor A well- known car manufacturer is the sponsor of the car race.

68. mellow out Why don't you mellow out a little and stop worrying!

69. figure out Can you figure out how to do it?

70. tip /tip/ The tip of her nose was red.

71. go through sth Austria was so expensive - we went through all our money in one week.

72. wear The baby has stopped crying; I think she's worn herself out.

73. frazzle The old cottage was burnt to a frazzle.

74. blister New shoes always give me blisters. У меня всегда волдыри от новой обуви.

75. pus Pus was oozing out of the wound.

76. bout She's suffering from a bout of flu at the moment.

77. typhoid There has been a sudden outbreak of typhoid in the region.

78. irate The company received several complaints from irate customers.

79. obstacle Fear of change is the greatest obstacle to progress.

80. thorny The thorny issue of how to pay back the mortgage will have to be raised sooner or later.

81. corporate A corporate policy.

82. run afoul of As a child, he ran afoul of the school authorities and was always in trouble.

83. go into a shell She really went into a shell when she started college.

84. assignment Joanna's going to Italy on a special assignment for her newspaper.

85. determination Her determination to do well made her keep on studying.

86. endurance / The marathon was a real test of our endurance.

87. motto Our motto has always been 'Courage and faith'!

88. last-ditch effort The negotiators made a last-ditch effort to reach an agreement.

89. build on Now we must build on our success in Italy.

90. camaraderie Every member of the school club supported the expelled student in a display of true camaraderie.

91. unashamedly She unashamedly told us what she had done to her sister's toys.

92. settle down After all those years of globe- trotting, she decided to settle down, get married, and have kids. 93. firm She works for an electronics firm.

94. by all accounts It's a very exciting film by all accounts.

95. fill in I had to fill in a short questionnaire.

96. benefit The developments have brought lasting benefits to the town.

97. sustainable The country is aiming for sustainable economic growth.

98. minimal The storm caused only minimal damage.

99. utilize A heating system that utilizes solar energy.

100. stimulate The government has introduced new plans to stimulate the economy.

102. undertake He undertook to pay the money back in six months. Он обязался выплатить деньги в течение 6 месяцев.

103. all in all All in all, it's been a pretty bad year for the Prime Minister. В целом это был плохой год для премьер-министра.

104. rubber Doctors have to wear rubber gloves. Доктор должен одевать резиновые перчатки.

105. stowaway They found three stowaways in the cargo hold. Они обнаружили трех безбилетников в грузовом отделе.

106. exposure In the summer time, you must protect yourself from prolonged exposure to the sun. В летнее время вы должны защищаться от долгого пребывания на солнце.

107. render unconscious He was rendered unconscious by the lack of oxygen. Он был в бессознании от недостатка кислорода.

108. hibernation Tortoises usually go into hibernation in early December.Черепахи обычно впадают в спячку в начале декабря.



1. disembark выгружать, высаживать

2. diversity многобразие, разнообразие

3. vibrancy насыщенность

4. roll out выкатиться

5. pointers указания

6. galley галерка

7. wary настороженный

8. remote back-up связываться

9. disembarkation высадка

10. destination место назначения

11. get a crick in the neck вывих шейного позвонка

12. ultimate disaster окончательное бедствие

13. turbulence встречные потоки воздуха

16. peace and quiet покой и тишину

17. catering operation обслуживание

19. clattering trays звякание подносов

20. rumbling trolleys грохотание тележек

21. mobility подвижность

22. first- and- kit пакет первой помощи


  1. whiz past проноситься

  2. state-of -the –art последнее слово техники, ультрасовременный

  3. itineraries маршрут

  4. trek пойти в поход

  5. non-stop option без остановок

  6. epic эпическая, эпохальная

  7. stopovers остановка, посадка

  8. remote отдаленный

  9. extensions продление

  10. prominent выдающийся

  11. sumptuous великолепный, роскошный

  12. en-route по пути

  13. carriage пассажирский вагон

  14. spacious просторный

  15. revolve вращаться

  16. glacier ледники

  17. moorland вересковая пустошь

  18. fjords фиорды

  19. spectacular впечатляющий

  20. roam бродить

  21. sheer scale сквозная шкала (_масштаб)

  22. skeletal схематична

  23. scenic живописна

  24. reservations предварительная покупка

  25. daunting устращающий

  26. feasible осуществимый

  27. entirely полностью

  28. tailor-made на заказ

  29. bustling оживленный, шумный

  30. accessible доступный

  31. available имеющийся в наличие

  32. elusive не поддающийся описанию

  33. endangered вымирающий

Listening 135

  1. a last resort последняя надежда

  2. endure выдержать, переносить

  3. freight car товарный вагон

  4. box of dates

  5. chuckle посмеиваться

  6. unwieldy громоздкий

  7. hurtle towards проноситься

  8. clamber up карабкаться

  9. struts распорка

  10. rotten paneling гнилая деревянная обшивка

  11. exhilarating волнующий

  12. jagged peaks зубчатые

  13. sheer сущий

  14. curl up сворачиваться

  15. rumble грохотать

Reading 138

  1. awkward неуклюжий, неловкий

  2. thoughtful задумчивый, внимательный

  3. determined решительный

  4. sincere искренний

  5. self-centered эгоцентричный

  6. conventional обычный

  7. self-righteous убежденный в своей правоте

  8. confess признавать

  9. figure out понять

  10. frazzle изношенность, истрепанность

  11. blisters волдыри

  12. pus гной

  13. diarrhea диарея

  14. bouts приступы

  15. typhoid тиф

  16. irate разгневанный

  17. formidable трудный, грозный

  18. obstacle препятствие

  19. thorny нелегкий, колючий

  20. supplies конторские принадлежности

  21. endurance выносливость

  22. last-ditch отчаянный

  23. mellow out смягчаться

  24. gaps расхождения

  25. challenges испытания

41. cope with справляться






mellow out

figure out


go through sth












run afoul of

go into a shell





last-ditch effort

build on



settle down

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