Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку для учащихся 5-7 классов

НазваниеВнеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку для учащихся 5-7 классов
Дата публикации11.07.2013
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ТипВнеклассное мероприятие
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ГУО «Пуховичская средняя школа»


«Мир телевидения»

(внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку

для учащихся 5-7 классов)


учителя английского языка

Лапко Юлия Михайловна,

Дятлёнок Светлана Ивановна

2012/2013 учебный год

Цель: предоставить учащимся возможность для реализации творческого потенциала и демонстрации достижений в изучении английского языка


  • создать условия для планирования своего коммуникативного поведения в зависимости от предложенной ситуации общения;

  • расширять языковую и коммуникативную компетенцию учащихся;

  • способствовать развитию лингвистического кругозора учащихся, знаний учащихся об англоговорящих странах;

  • прививать интерес к общению на иностранном языке, способствовать воспитанию коллективизма, взаимоуважения, ответственности.

Оборудование: мультимедийная презентация Power Point, тематические коллажи, ТСО, костюмы для героев сказки «Золушка».

^ Show-game “The World of TV”

Hello, everybody! We are glad to see you at our show-game “The World of TV”. Whether we realize or not, television plays a very important role in our life. It’s the main source of information and a cheap form of entertainment for millions of people. It’s “the window on the world” which gives us an opportunity to “travel” all over the world, to “meet” different people and learn about their customs and traditions. It helps us to relax after a hard working day. There’s always a great variety of programmes on TV: news and sports programmes, talk shows and TV games, different films, concerts and so on. And now we invite you to take part in our show-game “The World of TV”.

The first programme is “Your Opinion”. The pupils of the fifth form are going to express their opinion about their favourite TV programmes. Listen to them attentively, please. (Приложение 1)

Do you like wonders? Do you want to be a millionaire? Are you clever and quick-witted? Take part in such games as “The Field of Wonders”, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”, “What? Where? When?”. But remember that the topic of these games is “The World of TV”. I announce the beginning. (Приложение 2)

It’s difficult to live without music. There are many different styles of music. When we are sad, we prefer quiet and soft music. If we are fine, we listen to rhythmic and dance music. I think it’s better to listen to it in the company of good friends. And now listen to the girls. They will sing the song “London bridge is falling down”. Let’s sing it together. (Приложение 3)
Nowadays we can’t imagine our modern life without travelling. We can travel on business or for pleasure. It’s very interesting to travel from one country to another, especially when you know foreign languages you can communicate with people from different countries and make new friends. Have you ever been to Great Britain? Australia? The USA? Not yet? This programme is for you! (Приложение 4)

The proverb of ancient Greeks says “If you want to be beautiful – you should run, if you want to be healthy – you should run, if you want to be clever – you should run”, and it is still the truth. So, if we take this part of the sport life, everything will be brilliant and suitable for you and your health. And now look, listen and repeat! (Приложение 5)
When we are little we believe in fairy-tales. They are so exciting and interesting! And one of the most favourite fairy-tales is “Cinderella”. Let’s meet the characters of this fairy-tale. (Приложение 6)

Thank you for your participation in this wonderful fairy-tale.
Our show-game is over. It was interesting and useful, isn’t it? Did you spend a wonderful time? Is it necessary to learn English? Thank you for attention. Good-bye!
Приложение 1

Favourite kinds of films

There are a lot of films today. You can go to the cinema or watch them on TV. Some of the films are interesting others are boring. But you can always find something special for you. There are a lot of battle scenes, shooting and running about in actions films. Do you like travelling all over the world? Are you fond of unusual customs, unknown places? Adventure films are in your style. There are also a great number of romantic or love stories on TV. Fairy tales and cartoons for our little sisters and brothers. As for me I like mystery and stories about the future. I'm fond of history and facts from the past.

Favourite kinds of sports

My favourite TV programme is about sports. Sport helps people to become strong, makes them more organized. We all need to exercise. The best exercises are walking, jogging, swimming. Football, basketball, volleyball, ice-hockey, tennis, gymnastics are popular in our country. As for me I like swimming, figure-skating, walking, volleyball and basketball. I like ice-hockey in our country because I live in Belarus. I like this game because it's beautiful, interesting and really fast. Perhaps that's why ice-hockey is so popular now days.

Animals and Pets
There are a lot of animals on our planet. They can be wild and domestic. Wild animals live in nature without people. Wolves, foxes, giraffes are wild animals. Domestic animals live with people. People always call them “pets”. Cats, dogs, sheep are domestic animals.

As for me, I like cats. Sometimes cats can be friendly and nice to people, sometimes- selfish. It depends on a cat’s temper. I have got a red fluffy cat. His name is Fluffy and it was named after his fur. My cat is four years old, he is very funny and sometimes he does crazy things. He likes to sleep with us and to look at the window where colorful birds fly. Fluffy is rather smart and he knows the time I feed him and he goes to the kitchen before me. I like him very much and I hope he will live a long and happy life.

Приложение 2


  1. The place we go to watch films (cinema).

  2. These films are very funny (comedy).

  3. If we don't like the film we say “It's ...” (boring).


  1. My brother … like adventure films. (doesn't)

  2. Last Sunday my friends... to the cinema. (went)

  3. A Disney cartoon is on … 11 o'clock. (at)


  1. Where's Disneyland? (in the USA)

  2. What cartoon is about black and white puppies? (101 Dalmatians)

  3. When was the cartoon about Mickey Mouse made? (in 1928)

(Приложение 3)

London Bridge is Falling Down

London Bridge is falling down,

Falling down, falling down.

London Bridge is falling down,

My fair lady.

Build it up with wood and clay,

Wood and clay, wood and clay,

Build it up with wood and clay,

My fair lady.

Wood and clay will wash away,

Wash away, wash away,

Wood and clay will wash away,

My fair lady.

Build it up with bricks and mortar,

Bricks and mortar, bricks and mortar,

Build it up with bricks and mortar,

My fair lady.

Bricks and mortar will not stay,

Will not stay, will not stay,

Bricks and mortar will not stay,

My fair lady.

Build it up with iron and steel,

Iron and steel, iron and steel,

Build it up with iron and steel,

My fair lady.
Iron and steel will bend and bow,

Bend and bow, bend and bow,

Iron and steel will bend and bow,

My fair lady.

Build it up with silver and gold,

Silver and gold, silver and gold,

Build it up with silver and gold,

My fair lady.

Silver and gold will be stolen away,

Stolen away, stolen away,

Silver and gold will be stolen away,

My fair lady.

Set a man to watch all night,

Watch all night, watch all night,

Set a man to watch all night,

My fair lady.

Suppose the man should fall asleep,

Fall asleep, fall asleep,

Suppose the man should fall asleep?

My fair lady.

Give him a pipe to smoke all night,

Smoke all night, smoke all night,

Give him a pipe to smoke all night,


Приложение 4


The United States of America is one of the greatest countries in the world.

It is situated on the North American continent and is washed by three oceans: the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Arctic.

The USA borders only on two countries — Canada and Mexico.

This great country has a lot of mountains, rivers, lakes. The main mountains are the Appalachians and the Cordilleras. The longest rivers are the Mississippi and the Missouri.

America has fifty states. The capital of the USA is Washington.

New-York is the largest city of the country. The American flag is often called “The Stars and Stripes”. The eagle is the national emblem of the country. The Statue of Liberty is the symbol of American democracy.

The USA is a country with great holidays, customs and traditions. It is one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in the world.

But for children all over the world it remains the country of miracle because the main fairy land starts here in Disney Land. It’s a beautiful place with a lot of playgrounds, slides, swings. In this wonderland children can play with the heroes of their favourite films and cartoons. You can meet Mickey Mouse, Lion King, Spiderman, Donald Duck and his family.

^ I’d like to go to the USA one day and enjoy the beauty of the country.

Приложение 4

Great Britain

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is situated on the British Isles. Great Britain consists of three parts: England, Scotland and Wales. London is the capital of the country.

It stands on the river Thames. Crossing the river by the Tower Bridge you can see the Tower of London. It is one of the oldest buildings of the city. Many centuries ago it was a fortress, a royal palace and then a prison. Now it is a museum of arms.

On the bank of the Thames, not far from the Tower of London, you can see the Houses of Parliament. It is the seat of the British government. Big Ben is the most famous clock in the world.

Buckingham Palace is the Queen’s official London residence. Tourists always go to see the ceremony of changing the Guard there.

London has many fine squares. Some of them are quiet, others are busy like Trafalgar Square. Trafalgar Square is the central square of the city. The National Gallery has a fine collection of European paintings.

St Paul’s Cathedral is the biggest English church. Another famous church is Westminster Abbey where kings, queens, and many famous people are buried.

London is also famous for its beautiful parks. Hyde Park is the most democratic park in the world, as anyone can say anything he likes there.

London zoo is one of the biggest zoos in the world.

^ Welcome to London!

Приложение 4


The Commonwealth of Australia is a federal state. It has got six states: New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania and two internal territories. The official language is English.

Australia is the largest island in the world and it is the smallest continent.

Nearly 20 million people live in Australia.

It is interesting to know that January is the hottest month in Australia.

The animals in Australia are interesting, for example, dingoes (wild dogs), koala bears, kangaroos. The kangaroo and koala have got the pouch in which they carry their cubs. There are many birds in the country, too. One can see parrots and cockatoos. The emu is the most interesting bird in Australia. It is big and can't fly.

There are many rivers and lakes in the country.

The capital of the country is Canberra. There are many sights in the city. They are the Building of the Australian Academy of Sciences, the Australian National University and others. There are two big industrial cities in Australia: Sydney and Melbourne

There are many universities, theatres and museums in Australia.

^ I’d like to visit this interesting country.

Приложение 5

Song “Hokey cokey”
You put your right hand in, (left hand \ right leg \ left leg \ whole self)

Your right hand out,

In, out, in, out,

Shake it all about.
You do the hokey cokey,

And you turn around,

That's what it's all about.
Oh, the hokey cokey, (3)

Knees bend, arms stretch,

Clap your hands.

Приложение 6


Characters: Cinderella, Father, Stepmother, Stepsister, Fairy, Prince, King, Queen
1 (Звучит музыка. Золушка подметает пол. Входит отец.)

Cinderella (обнимает отца): Good morning, Daddy! I love you!

Father (гладит Золушку по голове): Good morning, dear! How are you?

Cinderella (улыбается): Fine, Daddy, fine. And you?

(Звучит музыка. Входит мачеха с дочерью.)

Stepmother (надменно): We’ll go to the ball today. You, Basil, go away! Cinderella, clean this mess and I want a party dress.

Stepsister (прихорашивается перед зеркалом): And I want a dress.

Stepmother (бросает на пол вещи): Cinderella, clean this mess! You can’t go to the ball, until you do this all (дает ей длинный список домашних дел).

Stepsister (хихикая): No, you can’t go to the ball, until you do this all!

(Звучит музыка. Мачеха с дочерью уходят.)

Cinderella (читает вслух): Clean the house, wash the blouse, make food... Oh, it’s not good (плачет).
II (Золушка плачет. Звучит музыка. Появляется фея.)

Fairy: Why are you crying, dear, why? Please, don’t cry!

Cinderella (плачет): I can’t go to the ball, because my dress is very old.

Fairy: I can help you. Look at me! Close your eyes. One-two-three! (взмахивает волшебной палочкой)

Cinderella (изумленно смотрит на свое новое красивое платье): I can’t believe this dress is mine! Thank you, fairy, you are so kind.

Fairy (грозит Золушке пальцем): But at twelve o’clock you must be here… or your dress will disappear.

Cinderella (радостно): Oh, yes, it’s clear.
III (Звучит музыка. Начинается бал, выходят король, королева, принц, гости.)

Queen (обращается к гостям): The ball is on. Let’s dance and play.

King (обращается к гостям): Let’s have a lot of fun today!

(Звучит музыка. Появляется Золушка в бальном платье. Все смотрят на нее с восхищением.)

Queen (обращается к королю): Look at that girl!

King (восхищенно): She’s so nice and slim!

Prince (подходит к Золушке): Hello! Let’s dance! You are my dream!

(Звучит музыка. Принц и Золушка танцуют. Часы бьют 12.)

Cinderella (испуганно): It’s twelve o’clock and I must run. Bye-bye. I had a lot of fun (Убегает, теряя одну туфельку)!
IV (Утро. Звучит музыка. Приехали принц со стражей. Мачеха с дочерьми встречают гостей. Золушка накрывает на стол.)

Prince (обращается к мачехе и дочери): We know you were at the ball. Try on this shoe.

Stepsister (раздраженно): Oh, it’s very small!!!

Prince (заметив Золушку): But who is that girl? Come here, please! Try on this shoe, pretty Miss!

Stepmother (возмущенно): But she didn’t go to the ball!!!

Father (принцу): Give her the shoe! Her foot is small.

Prince (встает на одно колено перед Золушкой): I’m happy that I’ve found you! I love you, and I’d like to marry you.

Cinderella (радостно): Oh, yes, my Prince, I love you too.

(Звучит музыка. Все персонажи сказки выходят на поклон.)

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