Конспект урока английского языка в 6 классе по теме «Хобби в нашей жизни»

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НазваниеКонспект урока английского языка в 6 классе по теме «Хобби в нашей жизни»
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ГУО «Гимназия г. Пружаны»

Конспект урока английского языка

в 6 классе

по теме «Хобби в нашей жизни»

Учитель: Капица

Людмила Викторовна

образование – высшее,
категория – высшая

2013 учебный год

План-конспект урока в 6 классе

по теме: «Хобби в нашей жизни».


Образовательная: совершенствование навыков монологической, и диалогической речи по теме, развитие коммуникативной компетенции за счет включения в речь пословиц, а также методов рассуждения и аргументации.
Развивающая: развитие ассоциативного и образного мышления, навыков коммуникативной интуиции.
Воспитательная: Формировать у учащихся представление о важности отдыха, как необходимого условия здорового образа жизни и правильной его организации.
Оборудование: компьютер, проектор, экран, учебник 6 класса авторов N.V.YUKHNEL, Ye.G.NAUMOVA.
Информация на диске:

  • тема урока, эпиграф урока;

  • задачи для учащихся;

  • презентации учащихся.

Ход урока

Вступительное слово учителя, введение в атмосферу английского языка, объявление темы урока.
T .Good morning, boys and girls. Today we have an unusual lesson. We have many gests at our lesson. They are English teachers. Now children smile to each other. Say Good morning to our gests and let’s begin our lesson. Imagine, that Ms Granny and her grandson are at our lesson today.

Ms Granny: Today is Tuesday. What a nice day today. I have much work to do. I’ll be busy from morning till night. I am never bored.

John: Today is Tuesday. What a nasty day today, School again. Homework. Homework. I don’t want to go to school. I am bored. I don’t know what to do after school and in the evening.

.I don’t have any hobbies and entertainments.
T. Children. Can we advise John, how to spend his time interesting and what hobby to choose?
P. Yes, with pleasure.
T. The topic of our lesson today is “Hobbies and Entertainment” Well, today we are going to revise the material concerning hobbies and interests, we’ll speak about different activities that pupils enjoy in their free time. We’ll listen to the text about different hobbies and also watch your projects presentations .We’ll do a lot of exercises for practice. And we we’ll give advice to John how to spend time interesting.
^ Речевая зарядка
T. First of all I want to know what is a hobby? Is it an interest or something you like doing in your free time? Look at the screen and read the proverb (слайд 3) Учащиеся читают пословицу и высказывают свое мнение о хобби
P Hobby is my favorite activity.

P Hobby is what a person likes to do in his spare time.

T. Right you are .What hobbies do you know? (Учащиеся называют хобби )

T. Now let’s do the crossword puzzle. Try to guess what words are hidden? (см.приложение 1)
T. Hobbies are divided into four large classes :doing things, making things, collecting things, and learning things. How do you think what are the most popular of all hobby groups? What does it include? (слайд)
P I think….

P To my mind….
^ Восприятие и понимание речи на слух


T. Hobbies can be active, quiet, dangerous, ideal for one person or for groups. Now let’s listen to the Discovery channel programme. It is about different hobbies. Be attentive. Try to understand everything. We’ll do some exercises after listening. (упр.3,стр.168, упр.5,стр 169)
^ Презентация продукта проектной деятельности-”My hobby.”Говорение (домашнее задание)


T. Now, children. Do you remember one more proverb ’’Every man has his hobby.’’ Let’s discuss how you spend your free time. Now you are going to have your project presentation. (Презентация учащимися своих хобби)
T. Now some information about favorite pastime in our class. These are our results. (Результаты опроса учащихся представлены в диаграмме. Слайд 8)
P As you see the most popular way of spending free time is…..% are fond of it. You can see that only… % of pupils prefer…. Computers win….


Диалогическая речь.

T. Now you see, that tastes differ. Pupils in our gymnasia are very talented. Now some interesting facts about hobbies of famous people (слайд 9)
T. So, you see, that a lot of people have hobbies and try to spend free time interesting. But John doesn’t know what to do after school and in the evening. Let’s try to help him. As you know, there are many different meetings, concerts, festivals in our gymnasium. Choose a partner and make up a dialogue .Invite your friend from another school to visit some festivals, competitions, clubs in our gymnasium. Choose the time, and place to meet .There is no need to buy tickets. Act out the dialogue with your partner. (Учащиеся разыгрывают диалоги)
^ Подведение итогов урока


T. Now, children. Let’s ask John if he has chosen a hobby? What is it?

J. Yes, of course. I would like to….

T. We are glad to hear that. Are you bored now?

J. ….

T. We have a lot of hobbies: some of them are fun and easy, some of them are dangerous and difficult, but all of them are interesting and never boring. But I want you to remember two rules if you have a hobby

1) Business before pleasure.

2) Work done-have you fun (слайд 11)
T. Now your home task.(Собрать информацию о том, как проводят время английские школьники)
Now let’s sum up the main ideas of our lesson.

1. It is very important for us to rest (пословица)

2. People have many ways of spending free time and they are different (пословица)

3. What we do willingly is easy (пословица слайд 12)
Рефлексия: (звучит музыка)
T. Which of these ideas do you like best? Why?

- Are you ready to start a new hobby after today’s lesson?

-Who was the best speaker at our lesson?
^ Оценивание учащихся и комментарий учителя.
T. To finish our lesson I’d like to recite a short poem by R. L. Stevenson:

-The little boy who says ”I’ll try”

Will climb to the hill-hop;

The little boy who says ’’I can’t’

Will at the bottom stop

So try to do something and you will be a success. Thank you for your work. (слайд 13)
Приложение 1

AROSS: l)Take о good book and enjoy it. 5) You listen to it. 7)A useful activity wich helps you to have a new sweater, a scarf or any clothes. 8) A creative hobby you need brushes and paints. 9)An out door hobby. You should sit near a river or a lake.

DOWN: If you like this( the) you like music and moving. 3) A hobby helps you to enjoy flowers and fruit. 4) All you need is a camera. 5) A summer pastime if you like water.

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