Урок английского языка в 4 классе. Учитель: Слагода Татьяна Петровна, высшее образование, стаж 10 лет, 1 квалификационная категория Государственное учреждение образования «Средняя школа №4 г. Солигорска»

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НазваниеУрок английского языка в 4 классе. Учитель: Слагода Татьяна Петровна, высшее образование, стаж 10 лет, 1 квалификационная категория Государственное учреждение образования «Средняя школа №4 г. Солигорска»
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Урок английского языка в 4 классе.

Учитель: Слагода Татьяна Петровна, высшее образование, стаж 10 лет,

1 квалификационная категория

Государственное учреждение образования «Средняя школа №4 г.Солигорска»

Тема: Free Time

Цель: способствовать созданию условий для развития лексических навыков говорения (предполагается, что к концу урока дети должны оперировать структурами to be good at +Ving, like + Ving, используя новую лексику по теме)


Способствовать развитию умения говорить (монологическая речь)

Способствовать развитию умения планировать свое высказывание

Способствовать развитию умения говорить четко, выразительно

Способствовать формированию готовности к общению на разных уровнях с одним собеседником, с группой, в официальной обстановке.

Ход урока

Greeting: Red, yellow, green and blue.

Hello, pupils! How are you?

Pls: Fine, thank you. How are you?

Red, yellow, green and blue.

T: I’m fine, thank you. sit down, please. I’m very glad to see you. Let’s begin our lesson.

Aim: Today at the lesson we’ll practice new words, make up sentences with these words, we’ll talk about children’s interests. We’ll also talk about you and you should be very attentive and listen to each other because at the end of the lesson you will tell me about yourselves.

T: By the way, Yegor, do you like riding a bike?

P1: Yes, I do. I like riding a bike.

T: Alina, do you like reading books?

P2: Yes, I do. I like reading books.

T: Sasha, do you like swimming?

P3: Yes, I do. I like swimming.

T: Wonderful. What’s the topic of our lesson?

Pls: Free Time

T: Absolutely right. Before we start let’s wish something pleasant to each other. You know my daughter and I like playing jigsaw puzzles that is why come to me, make a circle, look into each other’s eyes, smile and pass this box with jigsaw puzzles to your classmate. Say what you wish.

P1: I wish you… P1: Thank you. Alina, I wish you… etc. (обращается к следующему ученику в кругу)

T: Super! Great! As today we’re going to speak about free time we need to revise some words, listen to me and say what the common sound is.

T: Dancing, playing, doing, skipping, climbing, painting.

Pls: The sound [ŋ]

T: That’s right. Look at the screen and repeat after me. Let’s do some phonetic drills.


Playing the guitar

Playing the piano

Playing board games

Playing table tennis

Riding a bike


Making model planes

Doing jigsaw puzzles

Doing karate

Doing gymnastics

Doing crosswords

Flying a kite

Climbing a tree

T: Thank you. Read three words after Nikita, etc. Super. You’re great. Now tell me, please: What do you like doing? (Don’t forget to use the verb with the ending –ing after like) (ask several pupils)

Work in pairs. Ask your partner and tell me what you have found out.

^ I have found out that she/he like… - опора на доске.

T: To like and to be good at are different things I’d like to know what you are good at. But first of all fill in my table with necessary linking verbs :

I…..good at

She…..good at

He…..good at

We…..good at

They…..good at

You…..good at

I am good at

She is good at

He is good at

We are good at

They are good at

You are good at

+ V ing

T: Don’t forget to put the verb with the ending –ing after the structure. Now you’ll interview each other, take these cards and begin. You’ve got two minutes to do it.

Are you good at ?

(один ученик задает свой вопрос всем одногруппникам, когда все справятся, они докладывают)

I have found out that …… pupils are good at …..

T: Thank you very much. Let’s speak about children’s interests. At home you read about boys and girls’ letters where they wrote about their interests. Look at the screen! What are the children good at?

(на экране фото девочки с книгой, девочки в гимнастическом костюме, мальчика с ракеткой и мальчика в кимоно)

Don’t forget to express your opinions!

P1: In my opinion she is good at reading.

P2: To my mind he’s good at playing tennis.

P3: I consider she’s good at gymnastics.

P4: I think he is good at doing karate.

T: Right you are. As it was your hometask I’d like to check up your knowledge. I shall read you the sentences if you agree go to the table with “Yes” if you disagree go to the table with “No” if you don’t know go to the table with “ I hesitate”

I don’t know

I don’t remember”

Let’ begin (задания по прочитанному дома тексту)

1. Terry is from Scotland.

(дети идут к табличке с №, учитель задает дополнительные вопросы, чтобы создать коммуникацию)

2. His favorite group is “Smash”


- Does he listen to their songs every day?

3. He likes playing football.


- What does he like

4. Kate is from Wales.


- Has she got any brothers?

- Has she got any sisters?

- Has she got any pets?

5. She likes doing gymnastics.


- What else does she like?

6. Lewis is good at karate.


- Are good at karate?

7. He is from Oxford.


- Does he live in Oxford or in London?

8. He likes listening to rock music.

I don’t know

- What does he like listening?

9. Annie is good at playing board games?


- What is she good at?

- Is she good at doing sports?

Thank you, children. You were great and now you can tell us about Terry, Kate, Annie and Lewis. You’ll work in pairs. Come to me and choose a partner (тянут карточки, которые их делят на пары)

Now, one pupil from the pair will come to me and choose the name.

(дети выбирают имя, оно ставится на парту)

Now pairs, please, come up to my table. You see a pile of cards. Choose the cards about your character.

………. You should find cards about Kate

………. Find the cards about Terry etc.

Begin (дети выбирают нужные карточки)

Слова на карточках:

Oxford, “Smash”, playing tennis (Terry’s group)

Wales, doing gymnastics, dance classes (Kate)

London, listening to music, doing karate (Lewis)

Kent, doing crosswords, books about animals (Annie)

Tell us about your character.

You can follow my plan:

… is … from

He/She likes …

He/She is good at …

Thank you, very much. Now, let us know what you are good at. Stand up! Let’s do some movements.

Chant “Are you good at skiing?”

(Boys begin, girls answer then vice versa)

1. Are you good at skiing?

Are you good at skipping?

Are you good at painting?

Are you good at swimming?

Yes, I am

Yes, I am

I am good at everything!

Yes, I am

2. Can you read and write?

Can you fly a kite?

Can you do a sum?

Can you play a drum?

Yes, I can

Yes, I can

I can do everything

Yes, I can

T: Super! Let’s continue.

I hope children from Great Britain will find friends. Would you like to find pen-friends in Belarus? Yes or No

Pls: Yes, of course.

T: So, look at the screen. You’ll see Nikita and Natasha who want to find friends. They are from Belarus. You know my friend came to me yesterday and her little son cut their letters. You should restore them. You’ll work in groups.

(дети тянут карточки, собирают из них имена и тем самым делятся на две группы)

Do the task and be ready to choose the person who suits you best of all. You’ve got two minutes.

Answers: Letter 1

E: Hello!

C: I’m from Soligorsk.

G: I’m good at playing piano.

A: I also like painting and dancing.

F: I dance every day.

D: If you want to be my friend, please write.

B: Natasha.

Letter 2

E: Hi!

C: I live in Slutsk. I’m ten.

G: I’m good at playing football.

A: I also like reading books.

F: I read them every day

D: If you want to be my friend, please write to me.

B: Nikita.

Затем дети отвечают, выбирая друга по переписке и тем самым еще раз напоминают о своих интересах.

I would like Natasha to be my friend because – I….

Super, children! We also have found new friends!

But our lesson is coming to the end and I’d like to ask some questions. You were very talented and attentive but who was the most attentive. I’m going to find it out. Now you should choose one of the hearts that you see on the wall.

T: If you have found out anything interesting about… Ulyana go to the pink heart, if not, go to the blue heart, if you don’t remember stay where you are. (дети высказывают, что помнят)

For ex.: Ulyana is good at dancing or I have found out that Ulyana likes dancing and painting etc.

T: Thank you, boys and girls.

Your marks are the following.

The end of the lesson.

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